A monochrome laser printer is one that will print only in black and white, there are no colour cartridges like cyan, magenta and yellow that are available in colour laser printers.

Usually, monochrome printers are the choice for a cheaper yet still very efficient printer, mostly used to print invoices and other black/white documentation. It reduces the need to replace as often cartridges and other essentials like drum units which can become costly on colour laser printers.



Date 3/12/2020

yes, I have purchased 3 monochrome laser printers when i read the reviews from https://10techpro.com/best-monochrome-laser-printers/ One for Daughter in College (we have saved $$$ by not needed to purchase as much injet ink) One for my Home Office (use it for PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads) One for my elderly Mother and Father who have to futz with their old inkjet printer each time they use it (they're printing from PCs and iPhones). We all love them. And let’s face it … 95% of what we print doesn't need to be in color. Monochrome laser printer is fast, prints duplex with ease and the ink cartridge last a long time and it doesn't get gummed up like inkjets do after a period of non-use.

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