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Rewards Program

Our  Reward points Program is a simple way to show our gratitude to our regular Loyal customers, who help us every day continuing in our business so we can provide the best of the 2 worlds.

Once you are logged from your account , any order placed is qualified for rewards points , you receive immediate notification of your rewards Balance , at certain point you can check your points balance through your account , then visit the page of the product you would like to buy , there is the button redeem this product for ( X ) points. if you have the balance of points in your accounts , you will be able to push this button and get this product for 0.00 Dollars. 

You earn points value  of 20% of your paid value order in points excluding discount and taxes. so for example if your order was 100.00 net after discount and  before  taxes and discounts , your rewards will be 20 points.

The rewards points has a gracious expiry date of 2 years  of purchase , you can come and claim or use these points within this length of time.

Note : Rewards points could not be redeemed partially , in order to obtain a product for 0.00 Dollars , a full value of point is required to process the redeem.

We thank you again for your continued business , too much appreciated.

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